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Innovators in Education


On Innovators in Education podcast, your host, Pat Bhava encourages educators to share not only their expertise, but their stories and their hearts. This podcast's intent is to give back to the wonderful community of educators and thought leaders who are really making a difference in the lives of our children every day.

We cover a wide range of topics – From enabling schools with cost-effective technology to how our guests are making their schools safer and their communities more engaged.

We believe every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. We let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for and as listeners, you’ll be hearing real stories from real people with tangible takeaways that you can implement in your schools right away!

If you’d like to be featured on Innovators in Education, apply here.

Innovators in Education
Innovators in Education, Host Pat Bhava

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Pat Bhava

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